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The mission of the Utah Optometric Association is to promote the highest professional standards in vision care so that its delivery will be the finest available to patients and citizens of Utah.

We're excited to welcome Dr. Ross Chatwin as the UOA President for 2023-2024. For more information about the UOA 2023-2024 board members, click here.

Letter From the UOA President

Welcome Friends,

I want to first thank all our Utah Optometric Association members for their continued support of our wonderful profession. Your support has made it possible for us to stand up for optometry in our state on multiple fronts. To our friends that currently are not members of the association, I want to invite you to come join us in our endeavors. We need your wisdom, experience, and personality in our organization.

I want to share a vision of advocacy for optometry in the state of Utah. As dedicated professionals in the field of optometry, we have the unique opportunity to shape the future of eye care and contribute to the well-being of our community. It is with great enthusiasm that I present this vision, focusing on three key pillars: education, public awareness, and legislative engagement.

First and foremost, education plays a crucial role in our profession's advancement. By fostering continuous
learning and professional development, we can stay at the forefront of emerging trends, technologies, and
research. We will continue to organize workshops and conferences that bring together experts and
practitioners to exchange knowledge and best practices. Additionally, partnering with local educational
institutions to establish scholarships and mentorship programs to encourage aspiring optometrists to excel and contribute to the field.

Secondly, public awareness is paramount in promoting the importance of eye care. We must work together to educate the public about the significance of regular eye examinations, eye health, and the impact of vision on overall well-being. Collaborating with local media outlets, organizing community outreach events, and utilizing social media platforms will enable us to reach a wider audience and spread awareness about the essential services we provide.

Lastly, active engagement in the legislative process is crucial to protect and enhance the scope of our
profession. By forging relationships with policymakers, we can advocate for policies that support optometry.
Regular communication, strategic lobbying efforts, and grassroots initiatives will empower us to influence
legislation positively and safeguard the interests of both practitioners and patients.

Together, by focusing on education, public awareness, and legislative engagement, we can realize this vision
for optometry in Utah. Let us join hands, harness our collective expertise, and work towards a future where
quality eye care is accessible to all. I look forward to your input, collaboration, and support as we embark on
this journey together.


Ross J. Chatwin O.D.
President, Utah Optometric Association

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Enhancing eye care where it's needed most: The case for Utah's Optometry Bill

February 23, 2024

To enhance eye care accessibility in Utah, especially in rural areas, a significant legislative proposal has been introduced by Utah State Senator Curt Bramble of Provo. This proposal allows optometrists to perform two specific laser procedures: YAG-capsulotomy and Selective Laser Trabeculectomy (SLT).

Optometrist-performed YAG capsulotomies shown effective, safe and beneficial for patients

September 16, 2023

Currently, licensed doctors of optometry in 10 states perform YAG laser capsulotomy and a new study provides further evidence to support its use in optometric practice.

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